Why combining RichTextEditor and StyleSheets is a pain

A while ago Maikel pointed out to me that styling the htmlText in a RichTextEditor is a real pain.
This is mainly because the RTE component uses TextFormat to style its textual content, and Flex does not like the thought of the TextFormat and StyleSheet classes combined applied on textfields (it throws a runtime error).

Note that this post is partially for personal reference and although it might prove to be useful to some, it does not provide any ready-to-use solutions..

Anyway, I had a quick glance at the source code for the RTE class to see whether or not creating a subclass would be an option. I found out that TextFormats are applied from within three methods, being getTextStyles() setTextStyles() and commitProperties(), of which the latter is a overridden protected method from the UIComponent class.
Unfortunately, the first two are private methods, which means that only the containing class can access them, and no subclass would be able to either access or override them.

After some searching I also found out that setTextStyles() is used only by the GUI buttons. And seeing that all of those have their id properties set, we can easily create a replacement function in a subclass and point the GUI buttons to our new function.
getTextStyles() is called mainly when textual contents change (as a listener for TextArea’s key-up and release-outside events), and also for the font-family ComboBox its creation-complete event..

So creating a RTE subclass to get StyleSheets working with it, would mean completely rewriting the get-/setTextStyles() methods only to get the TextFormat out of there, and when that’s done the StyleSheet part still has yet to be implemented..
All this does not seem all too appealing to me, and I think that perhaps writing a new RTE class would be much more convenient, and less of a hassle.

I’d be pleased with any insight given regarding this subject, so please leave a comment if you think you have any helpful thoughts..

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  1. Hmm, that’s sad. As an alternative, couldn’t you re-apply the stylesheet every time the text in the input-field changes?

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