Flex book component (alpha)

UPDATE: The beta version of the Book class (including source-code) is now online!

Lately it’s been kinda quiet on my blog, this semi-silence has been with good reason though because in the past few months I have been working on a booming feature-rich pageflip book component for Flex.

Check out the alpha demo by clicking the image below, bearing in mind that this is an early alpha version, so performance may not be optimal.
UPDATE: Unfortunately the alpha version was lost during file maintenance, please refer to the beta version for the time being.

Here are some of the key-features I’ve implemented (or will be implementing) in my book component:

  • Pageflip effect (not kidding ;))
  • Hardback option for every page, as well as a hardcover option for the containing book, automatically making the first and last pages hardback.
  • Functionality for tearing pages out of the containing book.
  • Methods allowing automatically flipping through the pages of a book ( gotopage() ).
  • Customizable easing, auto-pageflip duration, and size for the hit-regions (the page-corners whereby a page can be flipped).
  • Distortion (instead of skewing) when flipping hardback pages.
  • A variety of events that the book class dispatches, making customization alot simpler.
  • Transparency support for pages.
  • Live-bitmapping functionality for playing animation uninterrupted during pageflips.
  • Optional outlines for making pageflips of semi-transparent pages more visible.
  • Locking functionality to keep certain pages from being flipped.

Once the final release is ready I will also post the source of the book component.
I know there are still a few bugs and weird things in the alpha demo, but nevertheless, don’t be shy to leave your praisings, feedback, or whatever in the comments-section..

Mind that all the artwork is courtesy of Theo Aartsma, who rocks for letting me use it for this demo.

Also note that in my initial post I failed to mention that I created this component during my internship at TFE. Without these guys it would surely taken me alot longer to have gotten this far, they were also kind enough to allow me to post publish component and its source-code. So thanks guys!

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  1. Nice work.I’m sorry but how can I use this in web.I mean downloaded archive is not swf.May be I must make changes in MXML file then what?

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