Today I made the last completion to my CSSLoader class, the class enables you to load CSS files into your flex application during runtime, a functionality Actionscript3.0 lacks. It’s actually as easy as this:

var loader:CSSLoader = new CSSLoader();
loader.load("mycssfile.css", "nameToBeGiven", displayObj1, displayObj2);

..where the amount of DisplayObjects (to which the style will be applied automatically after loading has finished) is infinite. The style will also automatically be applied to the given DisplayObjects’ their children (if any).

Obviously, the class comes with many more features (methods and events), which are all to be found in the docs.

Go check out the demo, and browse through the source and documentation.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think..

Oh, and big thanks go out to Maikel for helping my out time after time again..

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  3. This is an exceptional tool, thank you very much. I was thinking for a component explorer that would enable to you to create an css dynamically.

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