Book beta bug-fixes & simple demo

Yesterday I got back from my holidays with Dave in Nottingham, so today I decided to fix some major bugs in the Book beta.

In the first beta a page-corner would sometimes ‘stick’ to the user’s mouse (dubbed the sticky-page bug).
The second bug was that when the user would open the Book and then close it, an Error would be thrown (the book-opening bug)..
Both of the above bugs have been fixed in the second beta, for more information please see the bugs-section in the original beta blog-post.

The second beta demo is now online:

I also created a very basic usage-example for the Book component. The original demo was meant to show off as many features and as much functionality as possible.
As a side-effect though, the main application MXML-file might give the impression that using the Book component gets really complicated. The contrary is true.

You can view/download the simple demo here:
Simple demo
Simple demo source

61 thoughts on “Book beta bug-fixes & simple demo

  1. Hi thank you very much for your components.
    i’ve several question/bug:

    how do I get current page number when fliping page ? quote vijay

    I’ve created button to control the book, next page and previous page:


    but when it reach the book(final page or -1 page)
    it bug
    ArgumentError: Supplied index is below zero or greater than the amount of pages in PageManager (minus one).

    how do i get this error out ?

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