ASDoc generation in Flex

Yay and boo. Yay because ASDoc comes with the Flex installation. Boo because it’s command-line, what is that?

To top it off, you can’t have spaces in the sourcepath’s value, not even as nobrakingspaces ( ) or when urlencoded (%20).

Here’s an example:[code]asdoc -source-path C:\asdoc_temp -doc-classes com.rubenswieringa.CSSLoader com.rubenswieringa.CSSParser -main-title “CSSLoader documentation” -window-title “CSSLoader documentation” -output asdoc-output-temp[/code]You’ll be able to grab the output-files from the Flex SDK 2\bin\asdoc-output-temp folder in your Flex installation folder. Thanks to Ids for helping me out, the commandline-noob that I am.

I have written an Ant script to simplify the process of generating ASDocs.
For the sake of clearity I’ve seperated it from this post. See the post on Ant and ASDoc.

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